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Rohi Rapha Corporation

Rohi Rapha Corporation is a manufacturing company for food supplements established in 2006 to keep up with the demands of the growing market for natural and safe Food Supplements. It is the second manufacturing company set up by the family who runs and owns, Siegranz Chemworks Corporation which has been in the manufacturing industry of Personal Care and Household Hazardous Products for more than 20 years.

Rohi Rapha Corporation, on its own has over 15 years of experience in developing and manufacturing food supplement products in powder, liquid, and capsules form and complying with regulatory requirements. The company’s mission is to promote locally sourced materials which can be used as ingredients for its products and to offer affordable products that would promote a healthier lifestyle and improve the general quality of life without worrying about adverse effects thus natural. In line with this mission, the company believes in strong quality assurance and compliance for its product developments and manufacturing lines to ensure safety of consumers.

Website: rohirapha.com

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V. Weisz Synergy Incorporation

V. Weisz Synergy Incorporation is positioned to serve international and local markets for their manufacturing and development needs in Personal Care, Toiletries, and Household Urban Products. A company catering to small and large enterprises and works closely with them to provide high quality products at competitive pricing. We believe our customer’s success is essential to our business success.

V. Weisz Synergy Incorporation is a family-owned business that was SEC registered last July 11, 2018. Though newly registered, it is the third manufacturing company set up by the family who runs and owns, Siegranz Chemworks Corporation and Rohi Rapha Corporation which manufactures Personal Care and Household Hazardous Products and Food Supplements respectively. The said companies have stood time and has been in the industry for more than twenty years. V. Weisz’s leadership and managements expertise, knowledge and years of experience are some of the many strengths of the company.

The Personal Care Facility is capable of producing Bar Soaps, Hot Process and Cold Process products such as Washes, Lotions and Creams.

The Plant Site is located at #13 Sapphire St., DBP Farm Road, Pulang Lupa II, Las Piñas City and stands on 886 sqm of lot area with a total floor area of 1,693 sqm housing five complete lines of product categories. Activities in the plant include the Manufacturing facilities, Department Offices, Materials Receiving Area and Warehouses, Quality Assurance Offices and Quality Control Laboratories.

Website: vweisz.com